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Moore Industries 535 1/4 DIN Single Loop PID Process Controller


These multifunction Model 535 1/4 DIN Single Loop Process Controllers provide PID control of any analog process variable (temperature, pressure, level and flow) in batch and continuous process applications.

Available models of the 535 Process Controllers provide a proportional analog control signal output that is typically used to regulate a control valve or similar final control element. Also available, are process controller models with alarm trip outputs for on/off control or to warn of unwanted high/low conditions, and with RS-485 communications for interface with digital-communicating DCS, PLC, and PC-based SCADA systems.

When ordered with the Profile Controller option, the 535 Process Controllers provide full ramp and soak capability with 20 recipes and 24 segments per recipe; guaranteed soak with adjustable hysteresis; three event output capability; and a ramp that can be programmed to take place over a specific amount of time or to be based on PV rate of change per hour.

535 Process Controllers offer advanced tuning features which allow you to bring the process under control faster, more accurately and far more easily than competitive single-loop controller, PLC and PC-based strategies. Its autotune capability constantly analyzes your process and makes modifications to the tuning parameters to ensure precise, long-term, stable control.

  • Operating Environment
  • Inputs/Outputs
  • Electrical
  • Dimensions

Operative Limits: 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F).
Storage Limits: –40 to 70°C (–40 to 158°F).

10 to 90%, non-condensing.

Two univeral process variable inputs are standard. Available options include: remote setpoint, slidewire feedback and 5 digital inputs.

Four outputs are available. See Ordering Information. RS-485 Communications: Available as option with any configuration.

Isolated serial communications is available using an RS-485 interface. Baud rates of up to 19,600 are selectable. The protocol supports CRC data checking. If communications are lost, a time-out feature will command the controller to a particular control mode and specific setpoint or output if desired.
Outputs 2-4 and digital inputs can act as “host-controlled” I/O independent of the controller’s function. The PV may besourced via this interface. May be installed in the field.

Universal power supply: 90 to 250Vac, 48 to 62Hz. 24V
(AC or DC power optional).

Common mode rejection (process input): >120 dB.
Normal mode rejection (process input): >80 dB.
AC line is double filtered and transient protected. Snubbers are provided for each relay output.

Inputs and outputs are grouped into the following blocks:
Block 1: process variable
Block 2: outputs 1, 2, and 4
Block 3: communications, set of five digital inputs, output 3 (Earth Ground)
Block 4: remote setpoint

Each block is electrically isolated from the other blocks to withstand a HIPOT potential of 500Vac for 1 minute or 600Vac for 1 second, with the exception of blocks 1 and 4, which are isolated to withstand a HIPOT potential of 50 volts peak for 1 minute between each other. Inputs and outputs are not isolated from other inputs and outputs within the same block.


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