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8-2012....... Industrial Instrumentation Services Launches on Social Media Sites Facebook & Twiteer

Yes, it is true. IIS is now on Facebook and Twitter. Simply click on the thumbnails on any page to follow us!

7-16-2008.......Industrial Instrumentation Services, Inc., Introduces Ozone Source Calibration

Ozone Source Calibrations OG3

Field services can now check for calibration verification and simple approximate calibration of levels up to 1ppm.

The OG-3 uses a precision quartz UV lamp ozone generator. Its output is adjusted in our laboratory by comparison with a NIST traceable standard.

7-25-2007.......Industrial Instrumentation Services, Inc., Introduces Low Temperature Calibration

Low Temperature Field Calibrations

blockField services can now check field temperatures sensors down to -45°C. By means of a new Fluke model 9170 Metrology Well, IIS can now offer low temperature calibrations with an accuracy of ±0.1 °C.

6-08-2007.......Industrial Instrumentation Services, Inc., Introduces Calibration of Ozone Analyzers

Field Calibrations of Ozone Analyzers DR2800

IIS Field Services can now offer calibrations of ozone analyzers. By utilizing Hach’s state of the art series 2800 spectrophotometer and traceable reagents, we can offer an effective means of process sample analysis and comparative studies for our customers. We have detailed SOP’s in place detailing steps necessary for our pharmaceutical customer base.

7-28-2006.......Industrial Instrumentation Services, Inc., Introduces Flow Prover

In-House Flow Verification flowrig

IIS has a flow prover for customers that have to satisfy Local Sewerage Authorities of the accuracy of their outfall flow devices. We have the necessary tees on this flow prover for manufacturers such as GLI and GF Signet. We can measure flows up to 90 gpm flow rate in a 2 inch pipe size. Comparisons are made versus an NIST traceable magmeter and a detailed report is generated. Call us about this service.

8-1-2005..... Industrial Instrumentation Services, Inc. Certified as an Authorized Service Provider for Partlow-West
See the press release for more details.

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Application "Success Story", PROSPECTOR, June 1989

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On behalf of my company, I’d like to thank you, Paul, and the rest of your organization for your prompt attention to our needs. The two (2) attachments you provided should satisfy both our client and our facilities management, as you’ve indicated. Your competence is clearly illustrated by your systematic, scientific approach toward resolving complex issues, coupled with your ability to translate your findings / conclusions into easily understandable terms.



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