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IIS saves customer $1 Million per year!

Just as the box score does not show the stellar plays in the ballgame, so goes the story for the field service technician. Case in point... one pharmaceutical customer had the OEM field service personnel perform quarterly calibrations on their instrumentation. This service was performed by a crew of two men for three days. By working with the customer and using strategic scheduling, IIS was able to dispatch a crew of five technicians for a longer 10 hour day. The two day savings had a tremendous impact on the customer’s bottom line. This particular machine’s product throughput was $125,000.00 per day. They will now save $250,000.00 per quarter or $1 million every year!!! It is these types of customer interactions and planning sessions that typically do not show up on quotations or invoices; the savings, however, do show up when looking at the bottom line... production.

IIS cuts customer calibration costs by 40%!

One IIS customer utilized hand written reports for calibrations. These raw data sheets were then transcribed at the end of the day for final reports. This practice of recording data two separate times was not only time prohibitive, but also inherently risky due to transcription errors. Our solution was to have preprinted forms associated with the asset tag of each instrument calibrated. Each month these forms are printed for items due to be calibrated in that month. Theses forms are then distributed to the calibration technicians. "As Found" and "As Left" data is filled in during the calibration. At the end of the working day, these forms are collected and scanned into a searchable PDF data folder. This change in procedure led to a 40% savings in calibration costs. While lowering costs seems like a counterintuitive move for IIS, it did lead to a more solid relationship with the customer that will grow in the future. IIS does have the customer in mind.

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