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Vaisala HM70 Hand-held Humidity & Temperature Meter


The Vaisala HUMICAP® Hand-Held Humidity and Temperature Meter HM70 is a high-performance, portable humidity reference that is exciting to use.

Three Probes to Choose From
The HMP75 is a general purpose probe for humidity measurements between -20 and +60 °C. The HMP76 is a long, stainless steel probe for humidity measurements between -50 and +120 °C. It is especially suitable for spotchecking in ducts. The HMP77 probe has a small sensor head at the end of a 5-meter cable. The probe is ideal for difficult-to-reach areas and for on-site calibration of Vaisala's process transmitters. The measurement range is for temperatures up to +180 °C. One or two probes can be connected simultaneously. In addition, the HM70 supports the use of Vaisala's dewpoint, carbon dioxide and moisture in oil probes, allowing measurements in multiparameter applications.
Easy to Use User Interface and Three-variable Display
The HM70 features a multilingual, menu-based user interface, and a clear graphical LCD display. Overall three measurement parameters can be displayed and logged into the meter's memory at the same time. An analog output option is also available.
Proven HUMICAP Technology
The HM70 incorporates Vaisala HUMICAP® Sensor, which provides reliable and high performance humidity measurement with excellent long-term stability. Options improve performance in demanding applications The chemical purge option maintains measurement accuracy in environments with high concentrations of chemicals. The sensor preheat option reduces measurement delays by keeping the sensor dry when the probe is inserted into hot and humid processes.
The meter is calibrated at the factory against traceable standards, and delivered with a calibration certificate. Also, the HM70 is available with accredited calibration. The HM70 probes can be sent to a Vaisala Service Center for a traceable recalibration.
MI170 Link
The optional MI70 Link Windows® software is a practical tool for transferring logged data and real time measurement data from the HM70 to a PC.

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