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Vaisala HMT330 Series Humidity & Temperature Transmitters


The Vaisala HUMICAP® Humidity and Temperature Transmitter Series HMT330 is designed for demanding industrial applications where stable measurement and wide customization is important.

Vaisala Humicap Performance
The HMT330 series incorporates Vaisala's 30 years of experience in industrial humidity measurement. The sensor measures accurately and reliably and is immune to particulate contamination and most chemicals.
Chemical Purge Minimizes effects of Contaminants
In environments with high concentrations of chemicals and cleaning agents, chemical purge helps to maintain measurement accuracy between calibration intervals. Chemical purge involves heating the sensor to remove harmful chemicals. The function can be initiated manually or programmed to occur at set intervals.
Graphical Display of History and Measurement Trends
The HMT330 can be ordered with a large numerical and graphical display allowing the user to easily monitor measurement trends and one-year history.
Data Collection and Transfer to PC
The recorded measurement data can be viewed on the display or transferred to PC with Microsoft Windows® software.
Many Ways to Installl
Mains and DC power options, and several mounting accessories make the instrument easy to install.
Versatile Outputs
The HMT330 can have up to three analog outputs. Isolated galvanic power supply and analog outputs are also available. RS-232, RS-485, or relay outputs can be used for digital communication.
Flexible Calibration
The HMT330 instruments are calibrated at six humidity points at the factory. A quick, one-point field calibration can be performed with the hand-held HM70 meter. A two-point calibration can be performed with the HMK15 salt bath calibrator in a controlled environment.The transmitter can be sent to Vaisala for recalibration. Accredited calibrations and maintenance contracts are also available.

Vaisala HMT330 Series Transmitter Line

HMT331 Humidity and Temperature Transmitter for Demanding Wall-Mounted Applications

HMT333 Humidity and Temperature Transmitter for Ducts and Tight Spaces

HMT334 Humidity and Temperature Transmitter for High Pressure and Vacuum Applications

HMT335 Humidity and Temperature Transmitter for High Temperatures

HMT337 Humidity and Temperature Transmitter for High Humidity Applications

HMT338 Humidity and Temperature Transmitter for Pressurized Pipelines

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